2.xx Edit

2.0 BETA8 Edit

  • Server should be working again now

2.0 BETA7 Edit

  • Server should be much more responsive
  • Fixed email screen hanging the game (validation is still not implmented)
  • Fixed incorrectly disabled options in menus
  • Fixed flash effect being smaller than the window after changing resolution
  • Added "dynamic timer" option in graphics menu, should fix tearing/choppiness issues
  • Added more options to the menus
  • Other minor bug fixes

1.xx Edit

1.92 Edit

  • Added: simple friend list - track player names and get their position on the leaderboard
  • Added: key customization (only via JSON currently)
  • Changed: possible minor performance optimization with 3D enabled

1.9 Edit

  • Added: VeeNext, a new level pack with scripted levels
  • Added: walls with custom acceleration
  • Added: game can be restarted with up arrow key
  • Fixed: minor bugs, minor text drawing performance issues
  • Fixed: 3D opacity bug with black and white enabled
  • Fixed: Profiles folder is created if it's missing

1.81 Edit

  • Added: screenshots in the menu (press F12)
  • Added: server messages are now shown in the main menu
  • Changed: if FPS gets below 20 in official mode, now the score is invalidated instead of ejecting the player to the main menu (this also happens if you take a screenshot!)
  • Fixed: severe score security issue - scores will be wiped, sorry!

1.8 Edit

  • Added: new documentation file: online - PLEASE READ IT
  • Added: options menu - open it by pressing F3 on the main menu screen
  • Added: official mode - play the game as it was meant to be (locks some options, makes you eligible for online scoring)
  • Added: online highscores - your scores in official mode will be automatically submitted to the server
  • Added: leaderboards - in the main menu you'll be able to see the top 5 online scores in official mode
  • Added: online version checking - you will be notified when a new version of Open Hexagon is available
  • Added: auto-restart option - automatically restarts when you die (toggle it in options menu)
  • Added: screenshot feature - press F12 during gameplay to save "screenshot.png" in the game folder
  • Fixed: crash on PI, Aperoigon with 3D effects enabled

1.7 Edit

  • Added: 3D effects (can be customized in style JSON files) (can be enabled/disabled/tuned in config.json file)
  • Added: antialiasing
  • Added: new default level, PI
  • Added: invincibility JSON config variable for debugging
  • Added: camera shake effect on death
  • Added: new main menu
  • Fixed: "renderTexture is too big" bug
  • Fixed: spinning bug in Aperoigon
  • Fixed: unable to use '0' character in profile names
  • Fixed: a lot of minor bugs and a game crash

1.6 Edit

  • Fixed: impossible patterns with extreme difficulty multipliers (should be fixed) -getPerfectDelayDM is a new function that takes difficulty multiplier into account
  • Fixed: outdated level documentation file
  • Added: flash effect on death
  • Added: pulse effect option is saved when closing the game
  • Added: mouse-button control (use left/right buttons to spin)
  • Added: custom sounds for level packs (they work differently from normal sounds, please refer to the sounds documentation)

1.52 Edit

  • Fixed: non-folders in Packs/ directory caused crash
  • Fixed: impossible wall bug with low difficulty multipliers

1.51 Edit

  • Fixed: crash on tutorial level
  • Added: Space and Enter keys now restart the game (only if you're already dead)

1.5 Edit

  • Fixed: player death position now displays more accurately
  • Added: pulsing effect (can be disabled right in the main menu)
  • Added: level packs - sharing and installing levels is now really easy, just place the level folder in the Packs directory (unfortunately, scores are reset)
  • Added: additional shortcuts for menu options (requested by people having troubles with the function keys)
  • Changed: toned down difficulty multiplier's effect
  • Changed: difficulty multipliers has now a wider range
  • Changed: balanced default levels
  • Added: new hard endurance level, labyrinth
  • Changed: delay multiplier now has an effect
  • Fixed: minor LUA bugs

1.4 Edit

  • Changed: LUA file execution errors do not crash the game anymore - they display an error in the console and kill the player
  • Changed: LUA runtime execution errors do not crash the game anymore - they display an error in the console and try continuing the game
  • Removed: scripted events from default levels (the flow isn't interrupted anymore)
  • Removed: experimental pseudo-3D effects
  • Fixed: index calculation bug in default pattern LUA files (thanks Sean Pek!)
  • Fixed: level rotation always in the same direction
  • Fixed: getPerfectDelay() not returning the correct values
  • Added: LUA REQUIRED level function onUpdate(mFrameTime), which is called every frame
  • Added: LUA isKeyPressed(mKey) command, as requested - it returns true ifmKey is pressed
  • Changed: logging is only enabled in debug mode, which can be set in config.json or by using the debug.bat file, which loads the debug config override

1.3a Edit

  • Added: automatic difficulty variants (select in menu with up/down arrow key) - scores are not shared between difficulty variants!
  • Changed: balanced default levels to feel more like a natural progression
  • Fixed: random side changing now happens as soon as possible
  • Added: LUA hardcoded functions for levels (onLoadonSteponUnload,onIncrement) - these are REQUIRED in level script files
  • Added: LUA log(mLog) function, which sends a message to the console
  • Fixed: LUA context now gets reset every time you start/restart a level
  • Added: 3D effects (customizable in the level file) - they can be disabled from config.json
  • Added: "rotation_speed_max" level parameter
  • Changed: messages now show only the first time you play the level (not on restart)
  • Added: "message_important_add" event - it shows even if you restart the level
  • Added: playSound(mId) LUA command
  • Added: forceIncrement() LUA command
  • Added: messageAdd(mMessage, mDuration) LUA command
  • Added: messageImportantAdd(mMessage, mDuration) LUA command
  • Added: getDifficultyMult() LUA command
  • Added: new level and Commando Steve song
  • Fixed: impossible wall bug (?)

1.2 Edit

  • Added: completely new JSON event scripting system
  • Added: completely new LUA scripting for patterns
  • Added: new announcer sounds by BubblegumBalloon! (thank you)
  • Added: save profiles for scores
  • Added: new event scripting commands ("play_sound", LUA-related)
  • Added: new song, Captain Cool
  • Added: new level, Golden Ratio

1.11 Edit

  • Added: readme files for customization
  • Added: credits in menu screen
  • Added: JSON file for sound customization

1.1 Edit

  • Fixed: input being registered when the game was not in focus
  • Added: config overrides (JSON files that override certain config parameters)
  • Added: .bat files for WINDOWED and FULLSCREEN modes
  • Changed: JSON name members for windowed/fullscreen config parameters
  • Fixed: sudden side number changing bug (now it waits until all the obstacles are removed)
  • Fixed: impossible pattern bug
  • Added: another tutorial level
  • Added: new style (zen2)

1.0 Edit

  • Intial release