Hexadorsip 1 pack Edit

Open Hexagon 1

Open Hexagon 1.92 - Hexadorsip Pack Trailer

Hexadorsip pack 1 increased by a lot the game reputation and the community expansion ! This is a must have and you have to try it out now !


Level listEdit

This levelpack contains 20 levels. All are accessible.


Music: Destroid 8 Annihilate by Excision & Far Too Loud (Destroid - The Invasion)

Crazy PentagonEdit

Music: Aspiration by Blaze


Music: Anthem by AdhesiveWombat

Sprials RepairerEdit

Music: Chaoz Impact by ParagonX9

Google SearchEdit

Music: Jump Up and Bounce Down by FantomenK

Crazy HexagonEdit

Music: Dynasty by KOAN Sound (Dynasty EP)


Music: Pac Dimensions (10 min) by Hiroshi Okubo & Toshio Kai (Pac-Man Championship Edition DX)


Music: Bassline Bitch (Zeamoon remix) by Sonic Tickle (Caps on, hats off)


Music: Halo by Eminence (Monstercat 017 - Ascension)


Music: Old school is sometimes cool by Swtich (Not so minimal)

Hexagon IceEdit

Music: Focus by Chipzel (Super Hexagon)

Strange RoomEdit

Music: Shake the room by Savant (Super Hexagon)

Happy HexagonEdit

Music: Nice catch Biggy! by Bossfight (Nice catch Biggy!)

Dangerous SideEdit

Music: Atom by Volant


Music: Ogre by Samptone

Snow [3D]Edit

Music: Belgium by Eminence & Alex Farway (Monstercat 003 - Momentum)

Rubber [Bonus]Edit

Music: Zik Zak & Ultravoice & Ziki (Chronicles)

Light PleaseEdit

Music: Final Level (Reverse) by Chipzel (Super Hexagon)

The Worst NightmareEdit

Music: Xanadu (Kanevsky remix) by Xenixa

Stereotypical Serial KillerEdit

Music: More Power by Resistance (More power EP)


Version Levelname Hexadorsip 1 pack
1.92 Destroyer BoshyTime X1 170 Video
1.92 Crazy Pentagon Promethium45 X1 203.03 Video
1.92 Superhot BoshyTime X1 145 Video
Antoine Maniac X1 192 No Video
1.92 Spirals repairer Antoine Maniac X1 465 Video
1.92 Google Search BoshyTime X1 SHARED 162 Video
Antoine Maniac X1 SHARED 162 No Video
Promethium45 X1 SHARED 162 No Video
1.92 Crazy Hexagon BoshyTime X1 181 Video
1.92 Rubber BoshyTime X1 180 Video
Antoine Maniac X1 184,459 No Video
1.92 Rubberer BoshyTime X1 181 Video
1.92 Rubberest BoshyTime X1 245 Video
1.92 Hexagon Ice Antoine Maniac X1 3560,64 Video
1.92 Strange Room Anomaly X1 206 Video
1.92 Happy Hexagon Antoine Maniac X1 95 Video
1.92 Dangerous Side Anomaly X1 159 Video
Fast 1.92 Snow The Hunter X1 164,93 Video
Antoine Maniac X1 190 No Video
1.92 Ogre Caustic Ascarite X1 209 Video
1.92 Rubber (Bonus) Promethium45 X1 178,92 Video
1.92 Light Please Anomaly X1 170 Video
1.92 The Worst Nightmare Promethium45 X1 228,69 Video
1.92 Stereotypical Serial Killer Promethium45 X1 233,04 Video