Kensem64 Edit


Kensem64 is a Levelpacker who made plenty of packs. It's estimated that me made over 15-20 packs and most of them are detailed, his recent pack, Takarazed, was released on December 2017.

Introduction Edit

He was just 8 years old when he played Super Hexagon and he liked playing other Super Hexagon clones. When he got his first laptop in 2013 he was introduced to the game Open Hexagon. Back then, Open Hexagon was a lot more popular than it is now. He has his own Discord server and he is friends with vexdestroyer 123 and Synth Morxemplum. Currently, he is in the making of his last pack. He is going to quit since the commuinty is dying and because he wents to become better at coding. Wish the best of luck to him and coding!