Master titles are the highest distinction of the community in terms of gameplay.

Get a master title will NOT grant you powers in the community like the Master rank in the Elite. They are BOTH DIFFERENT.

Only few players get them since the beginning of the community ( early 2013 ).

They are submitten to the best players on particular skills.

List of Skill Masters ( new and old )


Speed Master : Alpha | Promethium45 - Video

Rotation Master : Maniac - Video

Sides Master : The Hunter - Video

Patience Master : Metrono Ivernan/Maniac - Video (Metrono)

Luck Master : Alpha | Promethium45 - Video

Confusion Master : Caustic Ascarite - Video


Speed Master : Boshy Time - Video

Rotation Master : 73L - No Video available

Sides Master : Maniac (2015-2016) - Video, Ballom29(2013-2014-2015) - Video

Patience Master : N/A

Luck Master : N/A

Confusion Master : Anomaly - Video

Be aware that Patience Master is special, and is attribued to every people who complete The Final Hour level.

Some titles such as 2D master or Pulse master are not mentionned due to the lack of levels using this particular mechanic of gameplay, or a lack of videos to see who is the best on each one.

Rabbit Devil cannot be considered as the 2D master, because most of the levels he played initially requires 3D.