I am Hunter (or The Hunter, whatever), a french dude who started playing Super Hexagon in early 2014 and Open Hexagon around summer 2014.

I reached a "decent/good" skill level around end of 2015, mostly accuracy-wise.

I got my first major WR in April 2016, on Ace in The Hole (beating Alpha by ~10s).

I won the Open Icosagon championship in late 2016, gathering 10 WR out of the 20 levels. Most of them are now outdated, besides Half/Digital Blaster.

I improved my skills in 2017, although mostly privately as I didn't care about the community during that timelap.

I stopped OH in February 2018. I made a very challenging pack called "FadeOut" in collaboration with DarkNoid (an infamous cheater), which will be probably my last contribution to the OH community.

I am/was one of the best players for accuracy levels and stupid-fast levels like Half, Forest and Eye. On pretty much everything else, I sucked fairly hard (I am garbage at distraction/eye-killing levels).

Major achivements :

- October 2015, WR on Sharp Madness (70 sides)

- April 2016, WR on Ace in The Hole (137s)

- September 2016, WR on Digital Blaster (140s)

- November 2016, WR on Half (155s)

- December 2016, WR on Commando (98s)

- End 2016, won the Open Icosagon championship

Personal best (in Real Time, not IGT) :

- Completed Void Mania x1.01, Cosmos x1.01, Star Raiser x1.01, Operation Metal x1.01

- 137s on Commando (x1)

- 190s on Forest

- 162s on Ace in The Hole

- 227s on Convolution

- 334s on Eye

- 278s on Laser Beams

- 252s on Ogre

- 194s on Snow