libGL error: unable to load driver: <lib> Edit

The game have own libraries. These will often conflict with the libraries included in your system. Remove file to allow game using system libraries.

i686 (x86) Edit

$ rm /home/<username>/OpenHexagon1.92/x86/

amd64 (x86_64) Edit

$ rm /home/<username>/OpenHexagon1.92/x86_64/

Game crashes without errors Edit

Disable online functionality. Open config.json with text editor and set

// Online capabilities

 "online": false,

Crackling music and sound Edit

This caused by too high volumes (it's a known SFML bug). Install vorbisgain with package manager.

$ apt-get install vorbisgain

Then set game directory

$ cd /home/<username>/OpenHexagon1.92/

And run

$ vorbisgain -a -f -r "*.ogg"

Constant V-Sync Edit

Disable Vertical Synchronization in your video card drivers. For Intel; ATi.
Note: This may cause to screen tearing. To fix this enable "TearFree" option in your drivers.