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Tuxo's pack.

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Fade Edit

Fading walls

Music: My Cat Is A Dragon by Spacey Koala (Smorgasbord)

Glide Edit

Rendered level

Music: The Capital by Easily Embarrassed (Smorgasbord)

Vibration Edit

Too strong

Music: Decimate by Symmetrikt (Etere Records Vol. 1)

Disintegrate Edit

Move to stop

Music: Disintegrate by Virtual Riot (FREESPIRITS VOL. 1)

Doubled Edit

Double vision

Music: Salamander by Tron Sepia (Smorgasbord)

Principle Edit

They do

Music: Toccata (Original Mix) by OVERWERK (Canon)

It's something Edit

It's happening

Music: Salamander by Tron Sepia (Smorgasbord)

Cloudshape Edit

There is no rain

Music: Ohana by Vena Cava (Ohana)

Quad Edit

(Bonus level)

Music: Ghost Comet (Cybernetika Remix) by One Arc Degree (Nether Moon)


Version Levelname Tuxo Pack
1.92 Fade ??? ??? ??? ???
1.92 Glide Anomaly X1.4 82.14 Video
1.92 Vibration ??? ??? ??? ???
1.92 Disintegrate ??? ??? ??? ???
1.92 Doubled Promethium45 X1 162.03 Video
1.92 Principle Promethium45 X1.4 162.03 Video
1.92 It's something ??? ??? ??? ???
1.92 Cloudshape ??? ??? ??? ???
1.92 Quad Promethium45 ??? 128.87 Video

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  • Music in this pack have same bitrate.