The XNDUIW Team is a group of people that originated from the popular sandbox game ROBLOX consisting of ~10 members. They are outcasts of the Open Hexagon community, due to their unethical practices (Unsolicited Advertising, Stolen Assets).

Because of their unethical practices, XNDUIW and all of their members are banned from the Open Hexagon server. However, certain XNDUIW members have been figuring out other ways of contacting community members. This ranges from spamming comments on YouTube videos to directly e-mailing members of the Open Hexagon community to watch their videos.

"Stealing LUA is frowned upon across the open hexagon community and as a result of frequently spamming the open hexagon discord, they got banned, they tried to rejoin but they were turned away, over time, they all[proof?] gave up but one member, James Abulinov began to use increasingly aggressive methods to join the server, even violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act[lol]." - XNDUIW Member entry of this page.


Many of the packs that are "developed" by the XNDUIW Team consist of stolen assets, including music, styles, and especially Lua code. Due to the stolen assets, the packs have receive negative feedback from the Open Hexagon Community, claimed to be "the worst Open Hexagon packs" in Open Hexagon History.

Despite claiming that they are trying to improve their packs, the XNDUIW Team makes no effort to seek for improvement on their packs and continue to steal assets from other packs. The development of these packs demotivate popular pack developers from continuing to develop Open Hexagon packs.